A plan
for life.

We believe a well-constructed financial plan is the best investment you can make. Get Started

We take the long view.

As you move through life, goals evolve. Saving for college yields to planning for retirement. Building a portfolio gives way to leaving a legacy.

Our disciplined, long-term approach seeks to protect and grow your wealth at every stage.

We help clients with more than $2 million to invest.


We strive to help build happier, more prosperous lives.

Vista came into being as a new kind of wealth management firm. A firm that values evidence over ego and long-term happiness over short-term hype.

Today, we’re a team of 31 managing over $2 billion for more than 450 clients.

Enthusiastic, curious, and driven to succeed, our team’s mission is to help you live life fully.


We give you the simple truth.

Our blog is where you can find answers, without getting a hidden agenda in return.

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