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Odds Overwhelmingly Favor Diversification Over Stock Selection

Investors are always looking to find the next Amazon, but is trying find the next “superstock” worthwhile? New research from Professor Hendrik Bessembinder shows that most U.S. stocks don’t beat Treasury Bonds and that searching for the next superstock is likely to end in disappointment. To capture top performers and harness stocks’ power for growth, diversification is key.

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What is Disability Insurance?

A disability insurance policy provides income protection in the case of disability or illness. Most people insure their home, car, health and life, yet many neglect to insure their earning power, or human capital. The odds of suffering a long-term disability is several times greater than the odds of death. The average 40-year-old has a 45 percent chance of becoming disabled for three months or longer before reaching age 65.

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