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Our clients are driven and ambitious in what they pursue—and we’re just as single-minded in helping them realize their vision.

Guided by a shared set of values, we promise to act with integrity, strive for simplicity, be passionate, and demand excellence in our relationship. We’ll also be sure to enjoy the journey—and will encourage you to do the same.

Quite simply, we are 26 people who live and breathe what we do.

Since co-founding Vista in 2001, Doug has impacted every facet of the company with his vision and drive. When he’s not shooting hoops with his three boys, he’s transforming public education through the Beaverton High School Success Fund.

Doug Johanson, CFA

CEO, Partner

Michael believes all successful client relationships are based on trust. He’s been nurturing that trust since co-founding Vista in 2001. Michael knows a bit about teamwork, too, having coached each of his four boys’ football, basketball, and baseball teams.

Michael O’Reilly

Chief Growth Officer, Partner

Dougal leads Vista’s investment team, which is responsible for how we build and manage client portfolios. When he’s not running after his three daughters, Dougal likes to volunteer his time reducing food waste and hunger in our community.

Dougal Williams, CFA

Chief Investment Officer, Partner

In addition to leading the implementation of Vista’s tools and technologies, John manages Vista’s professional recruitment and management efforts. To relax, John enjoys nothing more than a family ski day or playing tennis with one of his three daughters.

John Convery

Chief Operating Officer, Partner

Tana builds Vista’s unique work environment and culture from the inside out. Off hours, when she’s not devoting time to Project Lemonade or the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, she likes to hike, do yoga, and spend time with loved ones.

Tana Thomson

Chief People Officer

Doug’s favorite part of his work is helping clients achieve a balance between saving for the future and living comfortably day-to-day. At home, Doug enjoys watching his kids play basketball, soccer, and baseball. He’s also a SMART reading wiz.

Doug Post, CFP®

Lead Advisor, Partner

Making time to listen and build a connection with clients is Lindsey’s first priority. To relax, Lindsey loves to host dinner parties for friends or choose the next destination to explore with her husband and two daughters.

Lindsey Williams

Lead Advisor, Partner

Whether he’s uncovering a key piece of financial data or explaining a complex tax law, Rob is a go-to resource at Vista. Off hours, Rob enjoys trail running with a great podcast and savoring home-cooked meals with family and friends.

Rob Greenman, CFP®

Lead Advisor, Partner

Amanda’s drive to continually learn and challenge herself is evident in the way she educates and empowers clients. To recharge, Amanda loves to cheer on her two daughters—usually from the side of a soccer field or swimming pool.

Amanda Harvey, CFP®

Lead Advisor

Gordie’s calm voice of reason has made him invaluable to Vista. He has a knack for taking on client concerns with clear-sighted assurance. Enjoying life’s moments—both large and small—with his wife and three children keeps him grounded.

Gordie Gorsuch, CFA

Lead Advisor

Julia’s remarkable ability to understand a client’s perspective—and make a positive impact on their life—makes her a valued part of our advisory staff. When she’s not making a difference at Vista, Julia enjoys music, international travel, and exercise.

Julia Tierney, CFP®

Lead Advisor

Jon thrives on helping clients define what’s truly important to them and build plans to achieve their goals. To recharge, Jon enjoys running, cycling, woodworking, and exploring Portland with family and friends.

Jon Gannon, CFP®

Lead Advisor

Andy’s affinity for building and executing well-organized plans runs deep, as does his unfailing belief in Vista’s investment approach. When he’s not busy advising clients, you might find Andy enjoying a run along Portland’s waterfront.

Andy Darkins, CFP®


Passionate about helping people achieve their goals, Lyndsi provides strategic portfolio management and thoughtful financial planning to tailor plans to client needs. Outside of work, you’ll find Lyndsi outdoors—gardening, running, snowboarding, or hiking with her Aussie shepherd.

Lyndsi Stender, CFP®


Living in Zambia taught Chris how to put things into perspective, discern what’s within his control, and focus on what brings meaning to life—insights he regularly taps into at Vista. Outside the office, Chris enjoys traveling and hiking.

Chris Roberts, CFP®


To Patrick, exceptional service starts at square one—learning who clients are, what they value, and where they’re headed. When he’s not hiking with his fiancé and their golden retriever, Patrick cheers on the Blazers and the Beavers.

Patrick Yazhari, CFP®


Vista’s first CPA, Vanessa is a self-professed “numbers person” who deftly balances sound financial decision-making with helping clients live life to the fullest. Exercising, hiking, and enjoying the Oregon coast with her family helps Vanessa achieve balance in her life.

Vanessa DeHaan, CFP®, CPA


Conscientious and positive, Erika embraces Vista’s fun culture and atmosphere of learning and growing to bring her best to clients. Outside the office, Erika balances her love of Monopoly with camping trips and ski days with her two boys.

Erika Farleigh

Client Service Administrator

Kayla has mastered the art of taking care of myriad details, allowing clients to focus on other important areas of their lives. When she’s not delighting clients, Kayla enjoys hiking and seeking out Portland’s best brunch.

Kayla Marvin

Client Service Administrator

With a heart for helping, Kate routinely taps into her superpower—listening—to help create happier lives for our clients and community. Taking an international trip each year with her husband is one way she makes her life happier.

Kate Schwartz

Client Service Administrator

Delivering excellent service is Emily’s top priority as she efficiently attends to client requests. When she’s not working, you’ll find Emily at Zumba, practicing her photography skills, spending time with friends, or enjoying gluten-free dining in Portland’s many restaurants.

Emily Sheldon

Client Service Administrator

How does Aenea help clients reach their goals? By ensuring they are invested in accordance with their objectives. A fan of logic puzzles, clean energy podcasts, and travel, Aenea also enjoys cooking, plays classical piano, and is scuba certified.

Aenea Sandvig


Vista’s chief storyteller, Anna draws on her background in economics and marketing to bridge the worlds between numbers and words. Off hours, Anna enjoys long runs, visiting farmer’s markets, and spending time on the beach with her German Shepherd, Roman.

Anna Holowetzki

Director of Marketing

Laurie keeps our books and maintains our internal systems, but helping clients enjoy all they’ve worked so hard to achieve is always top of mind for her. To unwind, Laurie likes to knit or hike Oregon’s beautiful mountain trails.

Laurie Westby

Operations Manager

Working behind the scenes, Jordan keeps Vista running efficiently, creating seamless experiences for clients. Adventurous at heart, Jordan loves to visit new countries, check out new restaurants, and try her hand at novel art mediums.

Jordan Hatt

Business Systems Analyst

Ready with a smile and friendly greeting at our front desk, Karen feels blessed to work for a company that gives back to our community. Entertaining friends and family, cooking, dancing, and traveling is how Karen lives her best life.

Karen Youngs

Administrative Assistant

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