Our Commitment


We’re redefining what it means to give back.

Contributing a portion of our profits to local nonprofits wasn’t enough. We wanted to do more.

So we established an innovative partnership with Embrace Oregon. We created a Social Series to better understand the challenges facing our community. And we invited our clients to join us.

It’s all part of our commitment to helping others—not just with financial resources, but with time, talent, and heart.

Sharing Our Abundance

We love our home state of Oregon and want to make sure it’s a better place for all.


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Partnering with Embrace Oregon

In 2017, we embarked on a unique multi-year partnership with Embrace Oregon, an amazing organization that connects caring community members with vulnerable children and families across the state.

Our team has participated in fundraising, remodeled a family space in Beaverton, assembled welcome boxes, and provided babysitting for foster children.

We’re just getting started. We’re working with Embrace to find new ways to serve this important population.

We were honored to receive Embrace Oregon’s DETERMINED award for our commitment and are inspired to see the impact we’ve made together.


Addressing Community Causes

To make an impact, we first need to understand the challenges facing our community. That’s why in 2019 we launched our Social Series—and invited our clients to join us.

Our Social Series events turn our attention to some of our community’s most important causes, from hunger to homelessness.

The program brings together a variety of stakeholders to discuss issues and offer different perspectives on solutions. We’re excited to see the impact we can make together.

Additional organizations we support include: