The Women's Roundtable

Introducing: The Women’s Roundtable

Now more than ever, it’s important for us to stay connected through conversation and community.

That’s why Vista is excited to launch a new event series called The Women’s Roundtable, which brings together women to have authentic conversations about money and life.

The Women’s Roundtable will comprise a series of one-time gatherings with no ongoing commitment on your part.

Topics will be selected to appeal to a variety of women. To facilitate meaningful conversation, these events will be limited to eight participants.

While we can’t meet in person, our virtual roundtable will provide a space where we can talk about what’s on our minds, share insights, and exercise resilience together.

Join us to discuss control in the face of uncertainty.

Thursday, November 19

This fall, we’ll kick off our series by discussing control in the face of uncertainty.

Join us and a small group of women as we explore what “controlling what you can” means in today’s context—for you, your family, and your overall well-being.

Our roundtable will be structured and facilitated to provide time for personal reflection and interpersonal connection. Moderated by Lead Advisor Julia Tierney and Advisor Lyndsi Stender, we’ll:

  • Talk about what control means to you
  • Take time to complete journaling exercises
  • Share our reflections as a group

You are welcome to participate based on your own level of comfort and desire.

We invite clients, colleagues, and friends to join us—and we encourage you to bring a female friend or family member with you.

Mark Your Calendar


Controlling What You Can


Thursday, November 19


3:30—5:00 pm


Virtually on Zoom. Additional details to follow.