Our Investment Philosophy

Your best chance for long-term success.

The evidence is overwhelming: Most active investors don’t beat the market—in fact, they fall short of matching market returns.

Over and again, research shows attempting to pick stocks and time the market results in lower returns.

Based on a philosophy that is fundamentally different, our approach replaces short-term emotion with discipline and reason.

Built on these principles, our Optimal Portfolio and Impact Portfolio (for values-based investing) are capable of delivering a successful investment experience for every investor.


The Optimal Portfolio

Based on Nobel Prize-winning research and discipline, we believe that the Optimal Portfolio is reliable, repeatable, and offers your best chance for long-term investment success.

Our guide will show you how Vista builds an optimal portfolio—one that takes advantage of the market’s full potential.


The Impact Portfolio

For those who wish to invest sustainably, there’s the Impact Portfolio—an optimal portfolio overlaid with the considerations of values-based investing.

Our guide will show you how Vista builds an impact portfolio to drive positive change while focusing on the principles of effective investing.