In this recorded webinar, we share our best year-end tips on maximizing charitable giving and reducing taxes, as well as leveraging new planning opportunities in light of recent legislation.

Table of Contents

(0:00)  Opening remarks and introductions

(1:30)  2020 CARES Act financial planning opportunities

(2:00)  Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) waiver in 2020

(3:00)  Roth conversion possibilities in 2020

(6:55)  Other retirement plan withdrawal strategies for low-income years

(7:40)  Charitable giving: Year-end charitable giving strategies

(10:50)  Charitable giving: Standard vs. itemized deductions

(14:55)  Charitable giving: Donor-advised funds (DAFs) in 2020

(15:48)  Charitable giving: Qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) in 2020

(17:12)  Gift-giving in 2020

(18:12)  Financial planning deadlines for year-end: 401(k)s, flexible spending accounts, healthcare deductibles

(20:30)  Financial planning deadlines for April 15, 2021: IRA, 529 plan, HSA contributions

(21:43)  2021 tax planning: Federal tax proposals under Biden

(25:12)  2021 tax planning: State/local tax law changes and proposals

(27:35)  2021 income planning: For retirement, Medicare/ACA thresholds, estimated taxes, and more

(30:00)  Audience Question: What are 2021 RMD expectations?

(31:18)  Audience Question: Any estate planning tips?

(33:00)  Audience Question: Are CARES Act stimulus checks and unemployment benefits taxable?

(35:00)  Audience Question: What cybersecurity steps is Vista taking to protect client assets?

(37:32)  Audience Question: Any tax implications for home offices?

(39:30)  Audience Question: How is Gordie?

(40:21)  Audience Question: What are Vista’s plans for reopening its office?

(41:53)  Audience Question: More on gifting—individuals vs. couples giving and receiving

(42:50)  Closing remarks