In today’s global economy, many people want to align their investment portfolio assets with their values.

Vista’s new Impact Portfolio offers investors an opportunity to pursue environmental sustainability goals while maintaining sound investment principles.

Starting with the Optimal Portfolio, the Impact Portfolio considers your objectives, time horizon, and ability to assume risk and incorporates the considerations of sustainability-minded investing.

The result is a portfolio aligned with your values and designed to offer you the best chance for long-term investment success.

To learn more, we sat down with Joseph Chi, Head of Responsible Investment at Dimensional Fund Advisors. Listen to the conversation:

Table of Contents

(0:00)  Opening remarks and introductions: Vista’s Dougal Williams and Dimensional’s Joseph Chi

(2:00)  Introducing Dimensional Fund Advisors: The science of portfolio management

(4:57)  Introducing Vista’s Impact Portfolio: Incorporating environmental sustainability

(6:10)  Introducing “The Economics of Climate Change” paper on climate change and global warming

(9:50)  Paper overview: Seeking balance between positive and negative emission tradeoffs

(11:36)  Paper overview: Managing behavioral factors, assessing accurate costs, aligning incentives

(13:30)  Paper overview: Incorporating environmental risks into market pricing

(15:10)  Introducing Dimensional’s sustainable investing approach and evolution

(17:37)  Dimensional’s approach: Scoring companies’ greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel reserves

(23:12)  Dimensional’s approach: Additional exclusions – coal and palm oil

(25:11)  Dimensional’s approach: Applying accurate data sources – scopes 1–3

(29:35)  Vista/Dimensional sustainability weights vs. broad market, energy sector, utilities

(34:45)  Vista’s Impact Portfolio’s construction: Taking a closer look

(37:30)  Vista’s Impact Portfolio’s impact: Is it “working”?

(38:45)  Audience Question: Can we do even better? Fossil fuel smart investing

(41:10)  Audience Question: Social concerns: alcohol, tobacco, and firearms?

(42:50)  Audience Question: Can a current Vista client transition to the Impact Portfolio?

(43:53)  Audience Question: Would a transition affect a current Vista client’s existing financial plan?

(44:56)  Closing remarks

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