Hear from Chief Investment Officer Dougal Williams and Lead Advisor Rob Greenman on markets, the economy, and upcoming elections in this recorded webinar.

Table of Contents

(3:20)  What is the latest on markets?

(4:10)  Which market components have done well? Which have disappointed?

(5:44)  Why has the market soared since March, despite all the economic challenges?

(6:26)  What do we mean when we say, “the markets are forward-looking”?

(7:55)  Are markets detached from economic reality such as high unemployment?

(10:07)  Has active management been able to outperform in the current environment?

(12:56)  What are some of the challenges faced by disciplined investors?

(14:05)  How have different asset classes been performing?

(16:10)  Does it still make sense to diversify across popular as well as disfavored asset classes?

(18:43)  Should the November elections impact your investment decisions?

(22:35)  What’s new with Vista’s business operations?

(24:19)  What’s new with Vista’s sustainable (ESG) investment strategies?

(25:43)  What will a Biden or Trump victory mean for the economy?

(28:20)  How is the country going to manage the debt incurred due to 2020’s stimulus packages?

(30:45)  What is Vista’s advice for value vs. growth stock investments?

(34:50)  How is Vista managing its business risks?

(37:27)  What is Vista’s advice for investing in gold?

(39:00)  What is Vista’s advice for investing in bonds?