Hear our take on the market, investing through downturns, and how to make the most of today’s financial planning opportunities in this recorded webinar.


Table of Contents

(3:27)  Should investors fear a recession?

(7:07)  Should investors be worried about the performance of a globally diversified stock portfolio?

(14:11)  Why have small-cap and value stocks taken a bigger hit and when will they rebound?

(17:42)  Is now a good time to invest a lump sum of money?

(19:49)  Should clients reduce or stop withdrawals from their portfolios?

(23:30)  What is the most important thing for clients to know about the CARES Act?

(28:01)  How does the CARES Act impact charitable giving?

(30:45)  How can clients give back during this time?

(33:53)  What are the rules for inherited IRAs under the CARES Act?

(34:40)  Should investors give up on international stocks?

(38:33)  How are we going to pay for this recovery?

(41:35)  Should we invest in big, safe, blue chip stocks?

(44:34)  How is Vista positioned to deal with this financial environment?