Laurie Westby
Operations Manager

Laurie knows something about long-term commitment.  After all, she has been with Vista since the very beginning—nearly 15 years ago.

She gets particular satisfaction from finding ways to alleviate her clients’ stress, so they can enjoy all they’ve worked so hard for.

As Operations Manager much of what Laurie does is behind the scenes. She keeps the firm’s books and maintains our internal systems. But equally important, she constantly has an eye out for advanced tools and technologies that can help Vista provide even better service for our clients.

The thing Laurie loves most about her job is taking care of the details so clients don’t have to. She’ll also tell you she really enjoys working with the growing ranks who’ve joined her over the years at Vista. We take that as a compliment considering she commutes an hour each way to the office every day.

When she’s not knitting on the weekends, Laurie enjoys hiking Oregon’s beautiful mountain trails.

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