Gordie Gorsuch
Lead Advisor

Often those who shout the loudest become the center of attention, but it is Gordie’s calm voice of reason that has made him a star at Vista.

Gordie is quick to acknowledge he can’t eliminate a client’s stress, but rather work to reduce it. How does he do it?  “We take our clients’ goals, ambitions, worries and concerns and make them our own.”

Vista’s investment approach is what made Gordie realize he’d found his career destination.  Our approach to investing, he’ll tell you, truly provides investors their greatest chance for long-term success.

Success in his own life means enjoying life’s moments–both large and small–with his wife and three children.

Gordie writes about effective investing and financial planning on the Simple Truth blog. Read his articles. 

503.292.5247 | gordie@vistacp.com