Anika Hedstrom
Financial Planner

A guiding principle in Anika’s life is to make decisions consciously, wisely, and honestly. “If you do,” she says “you will also be choosing happiness.” It’s no surprise, then, we consider ourselves lucky she made the choice to work at Vista.

Anika’s background in corporate finance makes her analytical skills a perfect match for Vista’s approach to wealth management–making informed decisions based on logic and reason, not emotion.

The opportunity to apply this discipline for individual clients is one of the things Anika likes about her role. The aspect she likes the most? Making a real difference for real people, she’ll tell you.

Always curious, Anika finds some of her brightest ideas come to her while riding horses on her family’s kiwi farm near Corvallis.

Anika writes about financial planning on the Simple Truth blog. Read her articles. 

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