Investing vs. Speculating

Uncertainty is a constant in investing. Rather than hope for portfolio gymnastics to deal with unforeseen events, sensible investors rely on diversification and discipline. In so doing, they distinguish themselves from speculators and, we’d argue, not only enjoy a higher probability of success but a better quality of life, as well.

Dump Treasury Bonds?

Q: With the recent news that one of the world’s highest-profile bond managers eliminated his fund’s exposure to U.S. Treasury bonds, should we be selling our Treasuries, too? Do other types of bonds now offer better return opportunities?

Even A Crystal Ball Isn’t Enough…

After accurately predicting the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, Robert Rodriguez and Peter Schiff quickly came to be viewed as investment gurus who could provide shelter from the storm. Investors eagerly followed their advice in anticipation of the fortunes certain to follow. How did they fare?